Creating Space

8 02 2012

Lately, I have been obsessed about having my own space. A part of it is that I need a place where I can be comfortable. A place where I can write, or just create things in general. I love making things. Today, I made coffee, breakfast, and homemade valentines. I wrote my morning pages. I took a picture of me holding my puppy. All of this while sitting at the kitchen table. Because even in my room, I have not made space for myself.

It is not always about having physical space. Throughout my life, I have worked hard to make myself as small as possible. Always seeing others as better or more important than myself, and my goal is to always see them succeed. Noble, right? Not so much. It’s more like this: There is nothing good in me, so I will make sure that everyone sees what you have to offer. Don’t look at me. I am invisible. If you can’t see me, maybe you won’t discover how (insert negative thought here) i really am.

There are things I want. I still choose not to obtain them at the expense of someone else. I genuinely do want to see the people around me succeed and be everything that they are meant to be. I want to see good things happen for them. But, at this moment, I am rejoining the human race. I am declaring that I exist. This is my moment.



31 01 2012

It’s really hard to be serious about writing when you have a large black lab trying to push the computer off your lap so she can sit on it. And even harder to be serious when you have a chihuahua and 2 kittens who have no other aim in life than to distract you from whatever it is that you are trying to do. But no excuses, right?

Hello world!

25 01 2012

At 8 years old I knew two things.

1. Nothing compared to the feeling of opening a new book.

2. I was going to write one.

Fast forward twenty-something years.

1. A library/bookstore is my idea of heaven on earth.

2. I still long to search the shelves to find at least one with my name on it.

The problem?

I am a writer who has not written (besides journals) in the last 10 years.

And this begins a new journey.

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